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Establish your online presence with Urban Kreationz
Derive Benefits from Social Media with Urban Kreationz
Engage clients where they are with Urban Kreationz
Happy Holidays from Urban Kreationz
Season’s Greetings from Urban Kreationz
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Establish your online presence with Urban Kreationz
Derive Benefits from Social Media with Urban Kreationz
Engage clients where they are with Urban Kreationz
Happy Holidays from Urban Kreationz
Season's Greetings from Urban Kreationz
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About Us

Established in 2016 in the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Urban Kreationz is an enterprise that provides goods and services across the domains of advertising, communication, education, entertainment, food and beverage, and technology.

Our Aims

To enhance clients’ profiles in their respective industries by facilitating brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer engagement through the deliberate use of media and technology; to provide quality products and services of academic, economic and entertainment value to various target audiences; and to use Urban Kreationz as the medium through which we showcase the creativity of our team.

Creative Divisions

We delineate our team’s diverse talents and interests by divisions. Each division has a unique brand identity and specific products and services.

Our collective services in media and web development operate to bring you multiple options to give your business a competitive advantage online and offline. When you want multiple, cost-effective options without undue delay, choose Imaje!

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Aptly described as the taste of yester-year with a modern twist, our three signature product lines are local favourites.

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Learn CSEC Mathematics at your own pace and convenience in an asynchronous learning environment.

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From radio to our archives. This podcast aired originally as a weekly broadcast on WINN FM 98.9 from 2014 to 2016. It was created to highlight the positive impact of youth on society at a time when the prevailing stories in the media were of notorious and fatal activities of youth, most notably young men. See the Urban Kreationz Digest for more.

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A Better Way to Start Your Day! Coming in 2024. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube @sknamtv and on our website at!

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The best of talk radio with original programming and diverse perspectives.

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'News You Should Know and More!'

Extra! Extra!

A Message from the Owner

I express heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting Urban Kreationz, whether from day one, or at any other point along our incredible journey. Thank you for believing in us.

Jamie Morris

The Impact of the COVID-19

By the time Covid-19 arrived in Saint Kitts and Nevis in 2020, we had been operating for 3 1/2 years. Our most recognizable and profitable division, Edible Delites, had become a household name. With the closure of our borders and the imposition of necessary lockdowns and curfews, however, we experienced setbacks that effectively rendered our business stagnant.

Changes Influenced by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Post-pandemic, we were forced to reconsider the way that we do business. We revamped our website to facilitate an online learning environment in which students could benefit from asynchronous instruction in mathematics in The Klassroom, with our launch set for January 2024.

We also modified our business to include both Paperboy Prodcutions and a Podcast division. Under Paperboy Productions, we publish original news and public interest articles on our website.

Under our Podcast division, we share interviews from the archives of our initial audio podcast, Youth Culture. We are also developing two additional video podcasts. SKN AM, the first video podcast of Urban Kreationz will be formatted as a morning show airing weekdays from 8 AM – 10 AM on social media with links available on our website. Our final podcast, Insight, will feature intimate interviews with influential people from Saint Kitts and Nevis with unique and inspiring perspectives. SKN AM and Insight are slated to launch in the first quarter of 2024.

Also in 2024, we will launch our online radio station, Urban Kreationz Radio to feature our original content. Last, but not least, we will revive Edible Delites, by offering on-site purchases and a subscription-based service via our website.


As we chart the course of our brand, we express our gratitude to you for your support. We know that you have multiple options for the services and products that we offer. Nonetheless, you continue to support us, and we are immensely grateful.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on superior service and quality products. Accordingly, we commit ourselves to providing you with the quality of services and products that will elevate your collective experience as consumers. We appreciate that your use of our services and products should facilitate your accomplishing goals. We encourage you to engage us in conversation about your goals and how they may be satisfied with our assistance.


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Jamie Morris

Typically replies within a day

Jamie Morris

Reading Time: < 1 minuteEver since I could remember, I have been fascinated by media.  My first opportunity to volunteer as a radio announcer and newswriter came in 2002 when I interned at a local radio station.  That was followed by a year-long stint six years after at another radio station.  Thankfully, I have had many opportunities to work in that space over the years and each time I enjoy it even more than before.

When Urban Kreationz launched in October of 2016 I welcomed new opportunities to develop new skills while leveraging my professional experience in education and media and my academic background in computer science.  Accordingly, the business is as diverse as those interests and my responsibilities are in line with them.

My Responsibilities:

  • Imaje Media & Marketing
  • The Klassroom
  • Podcasts -
    • Youth Culture
    • SKN AM
    • Creativity Redefined