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When Urban Kreationz was established in 2016 it was unneccessary for the co-owners to express to each other their common intention that cooking become part of the enterprise. Co-owner Pat Bass had been cooking since age 8 and although she was employed outside of the kitchen, her love of cooking remained.

By the time the pair began to talk of establishing Urban Kreationz, Pat was already running a small cooking business from home on weekends. It went without saying that her cooking business would be subsumed by Urban Kreationz and form part of its brand.

Today, Edible Delites produces three products: Signature Muffins; Signature Saltfish Cakes; and Signature Johnny Cakes. The first two are available at West Side Service Station and Horsford's Valu Mart IGA on Wellington Road, respectively. The last is avaliable by request. Dial (869) 663-3875 or email to order.


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