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About Us

Founded by family.
Branded with creativity.

Urban Kreationz is a business rooted in family. Founded by mother and son team, Pat Bass and Jamie Morris in October 2016, the company operates out of Harbour View, St. Kitts.

Urban Kreationz tells the story of two urbanites whose interests in creative ventures ultimately inspired them to share their respective passions with the world. It also speaks to the company's mission to assist with developing, enhancing and promoting the goods and services of individuals and companies within and beyond St. Kitts and Nevis.

Statement of Mission and Core Values

Our Story

In 2016, over the course of about two months, my mom and I settled in the living room (our office) and began to strategize about the type of business we wanted to create and why. First, we tackled the services and products that we wanted to provide. That part was easier as I already held classes in my back yard and off-site and my mom had already tapped into a small market of customers for her muffins. We added the Signature label after.

My knowledge of computer science and curiosity about technology fed my desire to create better websites for local businesses and entrepreneurs so I decided to add that service. My mom subsequently admitted to me that she was apprehensive about my ability to deliver. We smile about that now as I seem to have won her over after years of hard labour (or so I hope).

As the weeks rolled by we began talks about the name of the business. The 'Urban' was her idea which I initially opposed. Thankfully, however, she convinced me that 'Urban' would speak to our origin and not, as I feared, our branding ourselves as neglecting folks in the rural areas. The 'Kreationz' was my idea, and on October 16, 2016 on the living room floor after hours of deliberation, Urban Kreationz was established.

Today, we remain true to our mission. The same energy and enthusiasm which was present when Urban Kreationz was established goes into every task that we perform, whether for ourselves or for our clients. As co-owners, we collaborate with each other on every aspect of the business. There is never a task that one performs in which the other is not in some way involved, even if that involvement is behind the scenes.

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