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Urban Kreationz

Basseterre, St. Kitts

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A Note from Management

The story of Urban Kreationz began on October 16, 2016, when mother and son team, Pat Bass and Jamie Morris created it as a medium for sharing their entreprenurial ideas and for promoting those of others. Our narrative, however, has been altered by the adversarial effects of COVID-19 on our community.

As we continue to evolve to meet the needs of clients in a 'socially-distant' world, we note that this period of difficulty provides numerous opportunities for us to employ creative measures that ultimately benefit you, our clients, and yours in turn.

We sincerely hope that you navigate this difficult period well. Should you need our assistance to do so, however, we assure you that we would be ready and willing to assist.

Our Commitment

We place people first. For us, it's not just about products and services. It's about forging professional relationships that last a lifetime.

What We Do

Our work with clients has always been at the intersection of deep
industry expertise and extensive capabilities.

Edible Delites

Our Signature Muffins and Saltfish Cakes are worth waking up to. Available at West Side Service Station and Horsford's Valu Mart IGA on Wellington Road, respectively. Get yours today!

Web Development & More

Our knowledge of Human Computer Interaction and Web Development fuses with our experience in news writing, advertising and talk radio to maximize impact from solitary social media posts to entire websites.

The Klassroom

Enhance your math skills with a trained and experienced instructor whose accomplishments include preparing first year undergraduate students for CXC CSEC Mathematics in 3 months at a 78% success rate.

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Read Customer Reviews of our Signature Muffins

Urban Kreationz Updates

Keep abreast of the latest developments
at Urban Kreationz here.

Edible Delites

After breaking due to COVID-19, Urban Kreationz plans to resume production of its Signature products soon. Learn more here.

Imaje Media & Marketing

Urban Kreationz launches a new, cost-effective way to let customers know about our clients' goods and services. See more here.

The Klassroom

Urban Kreationz to begin online instruction in October 2020. Register now for Math with Mr. Morris.

Youth Culture

Experience the best of an era as we delve through our archives to highlight thrilling and informative moments on-air and off. See more here.

Mallory Says

A fun twist to a traditional, newspaper advice column. For entertainment only. New site coming soon. Visit our blog here.


Budget-friendly decorating advice for those who need a little help.

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